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Growing microgreens, edible flowers, heirloom and specialty produce using sustainable practices

"I can’t believe such small vegetables can be so intense!”
– Vanessa C., Delray Beach

"Take your taste buds to school"

Edible flowers and plants direct from out farm in Florida. Delivered within 48- 72 hours anywhere in the US.


Natural Nomad Farms

Natural Nomad Farms is a small farm located in Boynton Beach, FL that focuses on growing the highest quality produce with the lowest impact on the environment.  Everything we grow is PESTICIDE-FREE, GMO-FREE, and cultivated without any harmful chemicals. Our produce is clean, safe, and responsibly grown to benefit your family and our local environment. Using vertical growing technology and distributing locally, we reduce our carbon footprint while providing the most sustainable way to access fresh produce in South Florida.

Modern Methods

We use modern growing techniques that are more eco-friendly than conventional farming to obtain higher yields with lower inputs on a much smaller footprint.  Our methods allow us to grow without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, use less water than field grown crops and reduce runoff into our local ecosystem.

Vintage Flavor

We distribute our products locally to reduce transportation and keep them as fresh as possible by the time it reaches your plate.  Our country’s current food system has placed an imporance on durability and longevity in our food so it can be shipped further distances and have a longer shelf life.  Leaving freshness and taste behind.  We want to bring back the old school flavor of fresh vegetables and connect people with their food again.



Retail | Consumer

Microgreens in clamshell for retail customers

Freshly cut microgreens packaged for grocers and consumers. Shelf life 7-10 days. Ask for our microgreens at your local grocer or visit us at the Boca Raton and Delray Beach farmers' markets.

Restaurant Trays

Natural Nomad Farms delivers live microgreens to restauraunts

Live microgreens in recyclable growing tray. Cut them as you need them for maximum freshness and flavor. Ask for our microgreens at your favorite restaurant.

Living Wall

Trays of microgreens for restaurants

Lit shelves filled with trays of your favorite live microgreens. Living walls are perfect additions for restaurants, health food stores and gourmet kitchens.

Great Service

Our priority is to provide the most nutritious, fresh, and responsibly grown microgreens and specialty produce in South Florida. We can grow to order for chefs and offer a wide variety of options delivered to the restaurant or at our farmers markets.

Quick Delivery

We deliver our produce and microgreens the same day that they are ready harvest. Our products are all distributed within a 50 miles radius from our farm and are delivered at peak freshness.

Always Fresh

Our microgreens and specialty produce are delivered to you either LIVE or harvested within 24 hours of delivery. We pride ourselves on the quality of our produce and guarantee your satisfaction.

Sustainably Grown

We do not use any pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals to grow our products. All of our growing methods are environmentally friendly. The microgreens are cultivated using vertical growing technology that allows us to grow larger quantities on a smaller footprint. After the trays have been harvested, we compost all of the old soil to make sure nothing is wasted.

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Natural Nomd Farms supplies Max's Harvest Delray Beach
Natural Nomad Farms provides microgreens for Park Tavern
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