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Pepper jack Grilled Cheese with Cressida microgreens

This grilled cheese is a little bit spicy, so if you don’t like spicy stuff you can substitute the pepper jack cheese with provolone or mozzarella and then substitute the cressida microgreens with kale, kohlrabi, mizuna, cabbage, or amaranth microgreens. What you will need: Fresh bread pepper jack cheese slices coconut oil (or butter) cressida…

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Watermelon and Basil Dessert (one you won't feel guilty about!)

This is a really easy and quick dessert that you can whip up in just a few minutes. All you need is: 2-3 cups of watermelon organic whipping cream basil microgreens strawberries (optional) Cut the watermelon into cubes and place into a bowl. For each cup of watermelon, add one spoonful of whipping cream (2…

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Homemade Hummus with Carrot Microgreens

This recipe is simple and easy to follow. Just use all of the ingredients listed and blend them all together! The result will make you never want to buy hummus at the grocery store again. The carrots add flavor and texture that is perfect for dipping with pita chips or spreading on sandwiches.

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