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Natural Nomad Farms is committed to helping homes and businesses integrate agriculture into their daily lives and operations. We help design a custom plan for you based on your needs and bring your ideas to life!

Living microgreen wall by Natural Nomad Farms

Living Walls

Natural Nomad is proud to offer you an opportunity to have a living wall installed within your residence or your business establishment. We offer the option of having it professionally maintained by one of our own nomads. This entails restocking of veggies or herbs, cleaning, and general upkeep of appearance. Of course, you can also do this yourself if so inclined. If you choose to do the gardening yourself, we will be glad teach you how to take care of and ultimately reap the bounty of your wall.

The wall is meant to feed you and yours. Contact us for further details and pricing. Call for a free consultation!

another custom garden by natural nomad farms

Custom Gardens

As well as creating beautiful indoor living wall gardens, Natural Nomad also offers the option to create bountiful outdoor gardens. We can custom create any garden you can envision. If you can dream it up we can make it a reality! You can also take advantage of our weekly maintenance service along with our competitive installation pricing.

We will assist you in your selection of veggies and herbs as well as an assortment of edible flowers. We would love to build you a garden with hard to obtain vegetables and herbs. Have you ever tasted the flower from the toothache plant? Take your taste buds to school.

Call us today for further details and pricing. Consultation is free.

Natural Nomad Farms - Florida Microgreens
Natural Nomad Farms is committed to creating edible gardens indoors or out.


Contact us today for further details and pricing. Initial consultation is free.