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We have all the main ingredients needed to host your very own FLAVOR TASTING party. We grow our Miracle fruit, Buzz buttons, and dulci (Aztec sweet mint) flowers responsibly without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

The New York Times shows the Flavor Tasting Party Experience.

Also a great explanation of how to consume the miracle fruit properly for maximum results.

This is an excellent "Flavor tasting" Host kit:
It comes with everything you need to have a great night enjoying the many different tastes of your food with these Edible Companions
Miracle fruit, Blossoms & Dulci flowers.

Your fresh hosting kit will include freshly harvested Miracle Fruit, Buzz buttons, and Dulci flowers.

We added the Buzz buttons because we wanted to add to the party by offering a cocktail option  prior to  consuming the miracle fruit. Follow the link below to find out more on how to use the buzz buttons & and an easy recipe to follow!!


The Dulci flowers can be consumed anytime. We love this flower it is the sweetest tasting thing you could ever try...has been said to be 500x sweeter then sugar. Try it with a buzz button, try it on its own, or after a miracle fruit for a wild taste experience. yOU can use the leaves like you would mint for your mojitos.