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Check out  the new entries - - Iceplant, Wood sorrel & Crystal lettuce.

Soo icy! Wonderful neutral tasting green. Adds a lot of flare to your plate. 
25 & 50 ct. CROWNS

Iceplant Crowns

available, 30 fresh crowns/container.

Crystal lettuce is a farm favorite! A versatile green used by all our chefs. Lovely appearance.
25 & 50 ct. CROWNS

Crystal lettuce Crowns

available, 30 fresh crowns/container.

wood sorrel

Wood Sorrel

available,  100 fresh leaves/container.

nasturtium petal/leaf

Young Nasturtium leaves

Available, 100 fresh petals/container.

Micro/petite cut greens.

Our Greens are sold by volume unless otherwise noted.

Sold in clamshells and or live trays.

Micro/petite Cilantro

Available, sold in 24oz clamshells

Pea shoots

Pea shoots

 1/2  & 1 Lb available

Micro Fennel

Micro/petite Fennel

Available, sold in 24oz clamshells

Sold in 30 count.

Oxalis Triangularis: butterfly sorrel

Sold in 30 leaf containers.

Sold in clamshells or live trays.

Micro/petite Red vein sorrel

Available, sold in 16oz clamshells

Dulci flowers (Aztec sweet mint)

Aztec sweet mint- Ducli flowers

Available, 50 flowers per container

rainbow seed mix

Nomad's Rainbow Mix

3 types of kale & Red Amaranth. Sold in 36oz clamshells.

Basil - Red Rubin

Purple & Green Basil

Sold in 16oz containers

Edible Flowers

We have them all! - email us today and we will start putting  your order together.

For your next party!

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