These burgers are incredibly simple to make and are super tasty. We bought these pre-shaped grass-fed burgers at the grocery store, but you can also buy the ground (grass-fed) beef and shape them yourself (a little more time consuming). Buying grass-fed beef is important (!!), it provides a whole different flavor than conventional beef and taste much better.

First, put some wax paper over a oven sheet and spread out your burgers so you can add the herbs/spices. Sprinkle on sea salt, crushed black pepper, paprika, cumin, and garlic powder. Flip the burgers over and repeat on the other side. Then put your burgers on a (already hot) grill and let them char before flipping onto the other side. Grill the burgers until your desired tenderness is reached (medium-rare, medium-well, etc.). Right at the end, place a slice of mozzarella cheese on each burger before taking them off of the grill.

When you come in, put the burgers on the buns (good quality buns make a HUGE difference) and top with our Boca Blend* of microgreens and enjoy!

*Boca Blend is a mixture of kale, kohlrabi, mizuna, and red amaranth. It is a mild mixture of greens that is healthy and can replace lettuce or greens on any dish that calls for it.