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Please hover over or click on the images below to find out more about our Micro / Petite greens. All of our greens are sold by volume unless otherwise noted. We deliver fresh within Palm Beach - Broward - Dade Counties


If you like arugula, you will love the intensity of this micro. These light green, tender leaves have a strong peppery bite and are slightly nutty and earthy in flavor.



Basil — Green

The flavor of this micro is similar to fresh, full size sweet basil but much more concentrated and extremely fragrant. They are much more tender and don’t have the waxy coat found in full size basil leaves.

Basil — Purple

This micro is highly sought after for its unique appearance and strong flavor. With the deep purple leaves, you get the intense basil flavor with a different contrast in colors on your dish of choice.


Broccoli microgreens are mild and earthy in flavor. The deep green leaves and bright white stem are great for adding the versatile brassica flavor to any dish.

Corn Shoots — Gold

Very sweet flavor, similar to sweetener but with a strong corn flavor finish. Bright yellow leaves with white stems make for a very unique addition for plating and presentation.



Also known as peppercress, this micro in the watercress family has a peppery, smoky flavor. It is a tender green with a very unique frilly style leaf.





This micro has bright green, low lying fringed leaves that contain a slightly bitter flavor. The mild taste makes it very versatile and can be used in all types of dishes.




The sweet, anise flavor makes this micro extremely popular with chefs. You can taste the distinctness and intensity of micro fennel with just a few leaves. Can be sold with the fennel seed attached for an extra punch of flavor.


There is no other microgreen with a similar appearance to Garbanzo shoots. Grown from the seeds of a chickpea, the flavor is slightly earthy and bitter. However, the leaves produce a crystal like salt that dissolves as soon as it hits your tongue. The salt gives you slight notes of citrus.

Kale — Red Russian

Micro Kale has a mild and earthy flavor similar to all greens in the brassica family. What makes this tender micro unique is the purple tinted stem and purple veined leaves.




Like many in the brassica family, this micro has a tender and earthy flavor. It also has a slightly salty finish with purple tinted stems.




One the most popular micros we offer, it has all the delicious aroma and flavor as its adult counterpart except it lacks the soapy flavor most notice in eating the mature plant.



This delicate micro has a fine texture and adds a brilliant sweet citrus flavor to eggs, seafood, and of course potatoes.




Minuza — Green or Red

This Asian green has unique deeply fringed, speckled green or red fringed leaves. It has a mild, slightly peppery flavor similar to others in the mustard family.


Mustard — Spicy Brown

Our spiciest microgreen, it has a Dijon mustard bite and very, very peppery finish. With bright green leaves and white stems, this micro will add a punch of spicy flavor to any dish.




Nasturtium is one of the most unique microgreens available and a favorite among chefs. The circular leaves have a similar appearance to a water lily and some of the stems have a slight purple tint. The strong peppery flavor with floral hints catches you off guard and is a great way to spice up a dish.

Onion Chive

One of the most intense, concentrated flavors available of all the microgreens. The appearance is similar to a full-grown onion chive, but much smaller. They have a fresh taste and strong onion flavor.


These micros have delicately lobed leaves with a mild parsley flavor. This is a new addition and we absolutely love it.




Poc Choy

A mild and tender Asian green that makes it easy to use in any dish. It has darker green leaves with bright white stems.




Pea Shoots — Gold

Long, crunchy shoots with a sweet pea flavor. Bright yellow stems and leaves create a great contrast on plates. More tender and sweeter than green pea shoots.



Pea Shoots — Green

Long, tender shoots with a sweet pea flavor. Dark green leaves with white stems. Very light, refreshing taste and earthy finish.




Radish — Pink Stem, Purple Stem, or Daikon

Very tender shoots with a thicker, meatier leaf texture than most micros. Green leaves and long stems that we offer in 3 different colors. Strong peppery bite, similar to biting into a baby radish.

Radish — Purple Leaf

Very similar to other Radish micros available, but with a deep purple leaf that stands out among the rest. Peppery flavor, with a unique presentation quality that is unlike other radish micros.


This is an Asian herb with very tender and light textured leaves. The tops of the leaves are green with purple accents and the bottom have completely purple. The flavor is best described as a mixture between basil and mint.