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“The micro cilantro is unbelievable!”
– Billy F., Boca Raton



“I could eat a whole tray of peas in one meal they are so tasty.”
 Jamel P., Delray Beach



“The nasturtium blew me away. I’ve never tasted anything so unique.”
– Kylie C. Delray Beach



“The radish is the best. Strong radish flavor and spicy.”
– Ben R., Jupiter



“I add microgreens to sandwiches instead of lettuce and know I am getting way more nutrients.”
– Nazar B., Boca Raton



“I like the mustard it tastes just like spicy mustard from when I was young.”
– Eleanor M., Boca Raton



“I can’t believe such small vegetables can be so intense!””
– Vanessa C., Delray Beach



“Wow my taste buds were exploding trying all the different flavors.”
– Shawnee M., West Boca



“The lemon basil is top notch.”
– Ward F., Boca Ratonr