Buzz Button Plant (Acmella oleracea) Grow Kit. Open/Water/Enjoy.

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This complete grow kit comes with both lemon drop and bulls eye seeds as well as everything else you will need to successfully produce your very own toothache plants. We have eliminated the hard part of growing this plant: The Germination/Nursery stage. All 12 of the 1" cells are pre-loaded with our very own organic soil, fertilizer, and seeds and vacuumed sealed in place for safe arrival. We take the liberty of watering the seeds into the soil mixture prior to shipping...speeds up the germination time. **The seeds we use are from our very own plants. ** Directions for use: These are also included with your kit. 1) Upon receiving your grow kit we ask that you remove the vacuum sealed product bag from around the kit and remove the three pieces (tray, reservoir, and dome). After opening package you will want to gently mist the surface of each of the 12 1" cells and do it daily until you see the sprouts emerge (the goal is to keep the seeds and soil moist to insure proper and full germination). 2) Important: make sure the kit is placed in an area the has natural room light (not direct) as spilanthes needs light to fully germinate (this is the trick most people overlook in trying to grow this plant). ---you can start to add water to the bottom reservoir tray for watering purposes once the seedlings have germinated. --Germination should occur 7-10 days after you have received the product in the mail. 3) Refer to our pics: once the seedlings are into their "true leaf stage" you are safe to transplant to a bigger pot/grow space. ***Each of the 12 1" cells can be transplanted into a 5-7 gallon pot with great success( they will grow in any sized pot)'s the sizes we use to produce them! in about 2- 3 months you will have more tingle then you can handle! Just keep them watered and you will have so many buttons. --Since the seeds used in each germination kit are seeds we personally collect from our plants: we will

GUARANTEE success up and to the point of transplant.

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