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Seed Variety:

• Datil Pepper (Capsicum chinense)
• St. Augustine, Florida - Rumored to have been brought over from Spain.
Heat level:
• Hot 100,000–300,000 SHU
Culinary Uses:
• used in everything from tangy citrus spice mixes for dips to sweet marinades for meat and seafood.
Many recipes can be found online for Datil pepper uses.
• Open-pollinated / produced by Natural Nomad Farms (2020)
• Days to germinate: 10- 15 / sow ¼” deep in a semi-light, sterile potting mix.
• Start seeds indoors a couple months before last frost-
• Days to maturity: 80-90
• Plant Height: 36-48” may require staking & pruning.
• Produces hot 2-3" orange pendant shape pepper pods. 50-100 peppers/plant possible.
• Suitable and recommended for container growing. 3-5 gallon size.
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