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Fresh Miracle fruit berries.

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You will be purchasing FRESH/EDIBLE miracle fruit berries, express shipping included with purchase. They have been produced by Natural Nomad Farms without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

**To consume the miracle berry: Lightly chew the berry being mindful of the hearty seed in the center. It should only takes a few minutes for the miraculin ( glycoprotein- found within the miracle berry) to coat your taste buds..roughly 3-5 minutes in your mouth should do the trick!

After a few minutes you are ready for the tasting event!
------ You can try these foods-----
1 ) Lemons - this is our favorite
2 )Limes
3) hot sauces
4) strawberries
5) cottage cheese
6) Guinness
7) Tequila
8) salt and vinegar chips!!!
9) Experiment!

The effect lasts for 30-45 minutes: plenty of time to flip your palate on its end.

Miracle fruit do not have a long shelf life: once you receive them they should be good for another 3-5 days. Once you receive your miracle fruit please keep them in their container and refrigerated until used. Thank you so much!

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