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Microgreen Rainbow Seed Mix: 7-10 Day Grow Time.

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Rainbow seed mix consists of equal part: Kale,Kohlrabi,Red Mustard,Red Cabbage & Red Amaranth.

*2 oz seed mix is enough to plant a standard 10"x 20" garden flat 3 X using ~20 grams per flat. Each flat will yield roughly 4-8 ounces of fresh & nutritious produce in 7-10 days time.*

1) Set it up your grow area on any windowsill,Porch, patio, or anyplace with a good source of light. It is important to have some decent/good light source or the seedlings will stretch badly and fall over prematurely.
-Fill your grow container with a good soil or potting mix, tamp the soil down lightly and then lightly water the surface.

2) Cast your seed mix onto the soil surface--mist the seeds on the soil surface, rebroadcast a little more soil to lightly cover the seeds-- mist the soil surface again to give adequate water for germination--cover to maintain seed moisture and place in an dark area.

*Rule of thumb: 1 TABLESPOON of seed mix per square foot of grow area.

3) Each day ensure that the soil is moist, you should mist daily. The seeds shouldn't dehydrate, daily observation is advised.

4) After 3 days the seedlings are well under way towards a fun 7-10 days of growing. Make sure the seedlings do not get too leggy or they will fall over and be unsavory to view. If they begin to stretch and get leggy you could relocate them to a more lit area. If they wilt or burn you may want to move them away from current light source. It's a balance, try to find the "sweet spot"

-Enjoy and thanks!

Mix consists of equal parts: NON-GMO seeds

Red Cabbage
Red Amaranth

Rainbow will germinate within 2-3 days of sowing and be ready to consume 7-10 days later.
Cut mix holds up well in a sealed container placed in the fridge- you could expect to eat from it for about a week or so before it turns ( it is best not to store wet greens, try to make sure they are as dry as can be before packing for storage). This packs a powerful nutrient dense punch! There is much written about the benefits of more greens in one's diet.

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