Moringa oleifera "Mini" Tree Farm (Grow kit). Open/Water/Enjoy.

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Our Mini Moringa oleifera Tree Farm (grow kit) makes a thoughtful gift for any rare plant lover as well as any youngster who might be showing an early interest in plants! Watching as the mighty moringa's roots soon becomes visible is a neat teaching tool.

No soil mixing-No seed sowing-No complications. We provide everything needed for the successful germination of 12 or more moringa saplings. You Just provide the water,patience and love.

Once you receive the kit It should take around 2-3 weeks for you to see the first emergence of your new saplings. *Germination times may vary depending on growing conditions i.e. temperature etc.*

We pre-soak all the seeds (filtered water) in your germination for 2 days prior to shipping out kit

Your new Kit comes complete with:

1 x Directions for use.

24 x organic Moringa oleifera seeds per kit. 2 seeds added per grow cell.

1 x Clear Grow Tray: Dimension 7" x 5.3" x 2", Grow cell size: 1.5" x 1.5 "x 2".

1 x Clear bottom reservoir for bottom watering.

1 x clear humidity dome for maintaining consistent temperature and moisture levels.

Moringa trees are pretty easy to grow as their requirements are minimal: Very light watering and light fertilizer. Most failure can be attributed to to much water and root rot.
*If direct transplanting we recommend a light watering and rain water should then be adequate.
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